Founded in 2004, SpagoWorld is the open source initiative by Engineering Group aiming at the development of enterprise-grade software, highly flexible and adaptable; build of mature, robust and scalable solutions, supported by professional services; kick-start of a healthy community sharing knowledge and expertise; operating through transparent and honest communications.

The initiative developed from the open source release of a mature solution, which was already available in the company, designed to cover the beginning of the century shortage of mature Java Enterprise frameworks with the release of Spago, a framework for the development of multi-channel web applications and service-oriented architectures.

From there, Engineering proceeded to the launch of three open source projects: SpagoBI, Spago4Q e Spagic.

All projects are hosted in the forge of the OW2 community of which Engineering is a founding partner, in order to  independently guarantee the availability of open code over time.

Over time, the SpagoWorld initiative has given rise to other projects within the Eclipse Foundation community and stimulates the creation of new initiatives, characterized by an open and collaborative approach.

SpagoWorld and Engineering Group are Open Source Initiative corporate sponsor.